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Clark M. Neily III:Terms of Engagement, how our courts should enforce the constitution's promise of limited government.

Dept of Environmental Quality Information Meeting on Proposed Ambre Energy/Morrow Pacific Coal Export Project-12-6-2012
part 1    part 2

Gordon Fulks on Coal Trains

"Balance & Context in the Global Warming Debate"
Professor Bob Carter

Climate Change Pesentation by the associate director of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute

MUST SEE: Evaluating Rail Transit

Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society's April meeting at Portland State College on climate Change April 10, 2012
Presentations: Phil Mote, Christina Hulbe, and Andreas Schmittner
Q&A + audiance mingling

The Proper Use of Road Tolling in Oregon
A roadway finance method for Oregon’s future?
A method for Green House Gas (GHG) emission control?

John Charles, President - Cascade Policy Institute
Robert Maestre, ODOT Long Range Planning Manager
Charles Ormsby (Skip), Chair - Birdshill CPO / NA
April 18, 2012

Evaluating Rail Transit